Guidelines for writing reviews

Who can write product reviews?

Anyone can write a review of any product sold at IberGour.

You can write a review even if you have never purchased a product from IberGour*. If you observe a few simple rules (see "What is not permitted", below), your review will be published within a few days along with other customer reviews. We will also publish the rating (number of stars) you give the product, but your rating will not be used for calculating the product's average rating if you have never purchased from IberGour.

How is the average rating calculated?

The average rating for a product is calculated from ratings given by people who have purchased the product on IberGour.

We use your email address to determine what products you have purchased. When you write a review, always use the same email address you used for your purchases so we will know what you have purchased.

Tips for writing a good product review.

Explain the "why" of your opinion: Writing a good review is not just saying you like or do not like something but explaining why, preferably with objective reasoning. You may also mention other products and compare them with the product you are writing about.

Give specific details: Be as specific as possible in describing the details and information about the product. What would you have liked to know before purchasing the product?

Not too short and not too long: Use at least 20 words but not more than 5,000. If your review is very brief, you cannot make a good case and it will not be very useful. If it is too long, it will be boring. The ideal length is between 75 and 300 words.

Sincerity: A review must be sincere to make it useful to other customers, whether it is positive or negative. We do not reject reviews because they are negative; we think any honest opinion can be useful to help other people in making a purchase decision.

What is not permitted

The purpose of this review forum is to help others make a purchase decision with better information. At IberGour we respect the time you spend sharing your opinion with others, although we reserve the right to delete reviews containing:

Promotional content

Inappropriate content

Unrelated content

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