Newsletter October 19th, 2015
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Dear customer,

We have great news for you:
  • As of today, we can hand-carve your ham (plus other new services)
  • Now all hams come with a free gift (whole, boneless or sliced)
  • Now your whole ham will be delivered to you in a plastic bag

Knife-sliced ham, and other services

Select a whole ham, indicate the weight you want and then choose how you want it prepared, all on the same page:
  • Whole: We ship it to you with no further handling, wrapped in grease-free paper and an outside cloth wrapper, all encased in a plastic bag for maximum hygiene.
  • Boneless: We peel it, remove the bone and ship it cut into the number of pieces you choose (up to 4 for hams and 2 for shoulders), each piece separately vacuum packed. By default we ship in a single piece.
  • Sliced: We slice your entire ham and ship it in 100-gram packs. We machine slice it by default but you can also choose to have it hand-carved with a knife (finally!).
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Free gift will all hams and shoulders

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can
Until today only whole hams and shoulders came with a free gift. As of now your ham or shoulder, in whatever format you choose, will always come with a free gift, which you can choose on the same page.

Whole hams delivered in a plastic bag

Whole ham in a plastic bag
A plastic bag keeps the ham better insulated during transport so it will not be affected by external odors, fumes and damp.

When your ham or shoulder arrives, we recommend you remove it from the bag and hang it up or place it on the ham holder.

Check out our hams and shoulders now and enjoy your Christmas with the best Spanish ham.

Best regards,
Miquel Nieto
Partner in IberGour

Money back guarantee
If you observe that a piece is faulty when you start consuming it, we will exchange it for another, or it will be refunded in full (more on our return policy).
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