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Reviews by Susan mccaughley (London UK) on jamones
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Reviews by Susan mccaughley (London UK)

DO Dehesa de Extremadura Iberico Bellota Ham
Jamon Iberico D.O. Extremadura Bellota Ham £472.45 jamon weighing 7.75 kg
5 stars A worthwhile buy, December 20, 2012
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Boneless is the way to go! Yes you pay for this convenience, but what convenience! The bellota comes beautifully boneless and sectioned into three pieces and the bones are cut up and in a separate package. I like it tthis way as I do not like bellota thinly sliced like parma ham. I like it a little thicker and in shorter slices. Also it is less greasy than the sliced product because you can leave one section out on a plate or cutting board and the product in room temperature does not get greasy. So boneless, for me , works better than pre sliced and vacuum packed.
I am not an aficionado on bellota although I simply love it. I ordered Josalito and 5cinco presliced and prepacked previously and now Extremadura. I do not have them side by side for a direct taste test, but perhaps Josalito is sweeter, a little more delicate, and Extremadura more robust. However, I think the price of a whole Josalito jamon is not in my leaque, and would like to think that I am hopefully not swayed by expensive advertising and persuasive heresay. I only know I love iberico bellota!

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Joselito Gran Reserva Iberian Ham
Jamon Joselito Gran Reserva Ham £596.25 jamon weighing 8.5 kg
5 stars My favourite jamon, September 11, 2012
Has purchased this product at IberGour

I ordered this as it was recommended to me. It did not dissapoint. Sweet and intense and so-o-o delicious. I now prefer jamon to Italian proscuitto although of course they are different. IBerGour had suggested I try 5Jotas, and I did. I think I still prefer Josalito but 5Jotas is very good as well. I am not such a gourmet to be able to go into the finer details between the two brands, but they are both excellent. I was very pleased. As with the 5Jotas I do prefer my jamon sliced thicker and when I purchase again will ask whether they can do this.

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5J Cinco Jotas Iberico Bellota Ham
Jamon 5J Cinco Jotas Bellota Pata Negra Ham £471.64 jamón weighing 7.25 kg
5 stars Worth buying, September 11, 2012
Has purchased this product at IberGour

This is the first time I've tried the brand. Taste was very good. Product was sliced very thin. I prefer my jamon hand sliced and a little thicker as I had in Spain. Product was very oily, which I am not used to. When removing the jamon from the packaging my hands were covered in oil. But the taste was great! I would buy again if I can get it sliced thicker.

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