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David R
David R
Flavour and Quality is Genuine 5 Star!

The 5Star Bellota shoulder is always absolutely delicious. We and buy one every year for Xmas but we also buy one for other celebrations in the year to make them special.
They are not cheap but they are very, very special and completely unique in quality and flavour.

November 7, 2021
Worth Saving Up For

The 5C Cinco Jotas Bellota Pata Negra Ham is absolutely amazing! There are some very good Spanish hams around and some of the best ones have good flavour and some length to the flavour giving a very pleasant after tast. If you like that, then you need to save up some money to get 5C Cinco Jotas because the flavour of the ham is beautifully sweet but not too sweet to disguise the deep, fragrant taste of properly matured ham. AND, the flavour goes on and on and on and even seems to get better and fills every tastebud in the mouth. This ham is just sensational - a few wafer-thin slices of the meat, slightly marbled with the unctuous taste of the oils in the fat and I’m in heaven. A sip or two of a good Fino cleans the palate nicely for the next piece.
Thank you Ibergour for this wonderful ham feast. I have already started my saving scheme to order one for next year!

November 29, 2019