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Better than fois gras!
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Whole foie gras of wild iberian goose
Whole foie gras of iberian goose

Better than fois gras!

5-stars review on Whole foie gras of iberian goose
5 stars Better than fois gras!, October 7, 2010
Rosie B. (London / Los Angeles) Has never purchased at IberGour

To begin with, someone here insisted that these geese live on acorns. He's obviously confusing these geese with Iberco pigs! These geese live on the seeds of wild plants (including lupin, which makes the livers yellow) on the 30-acre farm. I was dubious that natural fois gras could taste as good as "the real stuff" (er, unnatural) but I was floored when I tasted this in Seville. I was expecting it to be dense and rubbery but it was as light as air and melted in my mouth like... like fois gras! But what made it even better than foie gras was that I could actually taste the herbaciousness of the plants that must have been in the seeds. Everyone who was with me agreed; it was sort of an aftertaste; peppery and sweet. It brought foie gras to a whole new dimension. I just hope other farms will follow suit.
It's really so obvious... just as you can taste the difference in the flesh of poultry raised with foods that are natural to them in a free range fashion, you can taste the difference in the livers as well.

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