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Pack of Maldonado Lomo Embuchado Iberico de Bellota
100-gram vacuum pack.
See about packaging, below.
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Maldonado tenderloin - Sliced

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Description of Maldonado tenderloin - Sliced

Purebred Iberian
Bellota Top quality: pig fed exclusively on acorns (more)
Hog cuts: loin
Thinly cold-sliced with a slicing machine and hand packed. Different packs in an order may come from different pieces and batches.
The outer fat is removed from the loin and the meat is seasoned and marinated for 48 hours, then stuffed into colon casings and dried and aged for 8 to 12 months.
When the sausages reach the optimum point of curing, they are stored in the tradition of the matanza (pig butchering season) in Extremadura by placing them in an earthenware jar and covering them with white lard from the same pigs.
Ingredients: Ham from bellota-grade purebred Iberian pigs, paprika, garlic and salt.
Bellota-grade purebred Iberian pigs. A purebred Iberian pig comes from parents of 100% Iberian bloodstock (not cross-bred) and accounts for less than 5% of the country's Iberian pigs. The animals add at least 37% of their initial weight on a diet consisting mainly of acorns, grass, roots and tubers.
Enjoying your lomo
To completely enjoy its flavor, remove it from the plastic pack 20 minutes prior to consumption.
Once vacuum is lost, remove the lomo from the plastic pack.
Keep between 0 ºC and 5 ºC (32 ºF to 41 ºF).



For purchases of 1 to 9 packs, each of them ships in an easy-open blister, and they are all packed in a white cardboard box to prevent damage during shipping.

Maldonado tenderloin - Sliced individual blister pack
Individual blister pack

Purchases of 10 or more packs are packed in a box (see photo). All shipped in a white box to prevent damage during shipping.

Box for 10 or more packs of Maldonado tenderloin - Sliced
Box for 10 or more packs
Open box of Maldonado tenderloin - Sliced
The open box
We guarantee that you will love this product, or we will pick it up for free and give you a full refund
We guarantee that you will love this product, or we will pick it up for free and give you a full refund
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Maldonado - Extremadura

Maldonado brand logo

Cárnicas Maldonado is one of the most renowned artisanal producers in Extremadura. Proof of this is that their hams have received several Premios Espiga awards.

All Maldonado cuts come with a quality certificate guaranteeing that they have passed the rigorous controls of origin (purebred Iberian pigs), diet (acorns) and processing (artisanal).

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