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Jamon Serrano Spanish Hams & Shoulders

Hams from Duroc, Pietrain, Landrace or Large White pigs, fed on feed made mainly from cereals and cured for at least 8 months

5 jamones
Gran Reserva Ciurana Bodega Serrano Ham

Jamon Ciurana Bodega Gran Reserva Ham

Stock: 13 jamones.
£129.487.25 to 8.5 kg jamones
Reserva Batallé Duroc Spanish Ham
100% Duroc

Jamon Batallé Curado Gran Reserva Ham

Stock: 11 jamones.
£112.517.5 to 9 kg jamones
Gran Reserva Serrano Ham from Juviles Alpujarra
Serrano Juviles

Jamón Juviles Gran Reserva Ham

Stock: 14 jamones.
£104.667.75 to 8.75 kg jamones
Reserva 1880 Serrano Ham from Serón
Serrano Huelva

Jamon Selección 1880 Serón Ham

Stock: 7 jamones.
£94.987.5 to 8.5 kg jamones
Peñajamon Serrano Ham from Teruel
Serrano Teruel

Jamon Peñajamon Bodega Ham

Stock: 20 jamones.
£82.377.25 to 8.5 kg jamones
Ham stand + jamon carving knife
with all bone-in jamones and paletas (shoulders)
Ham stand + jamon carving knife
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