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Our Current Deals

Our Current Deals

Our jamon deals change over time so you may try our different delicacies at the best prices. Great serrano pata negra ham, now cheaper!

Ham stand

Clamp Ham Holder
10.00% off on Clamp Ham Holder
Ham Stand with Clamp Scissors Pressure System £40.31 £36.28
Stock: 12 ham holders

Jamon carving knifes

Zwilling Pollux ham carving knife
20.00% off on Zwilling Pollux ham carving knife
Ham Carving Knife Zwilling Pollux £36.84 £29.47
Stock: 8 knives
Arcos Kyoto ham carving knife
10.00% off on Arcos Kyoto ham carving knife
Ham Carving Knife Arcos Kyoto £53.74 £48.36
Stock: 5 knives

Sharpeners and sharpening steels

Zwilling TwinSharp Sharpener
25.00% off on Zwilling TwinSharp Sharpener
Zwilling TwinSharp Sharpener £26.26 £19.70
Stock: 4 sharpeners
Arcos Pocket Vulkanus Sharpener
10.00% off on Arcos Pocket Vulkanus Sharpener
Arcos Pocket Vulkanus Sharpener £29.36 £26.42
Stock: 8 sharpeners
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