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"Paleta" 5J Cinco Jotas (Shoulder Jamon)

"Paleta" 5J Cinco Jotas (Shoulder Jamon)

100% Iberico de Bellota, Pata Negra

  • £36.45/kgUnited Kingdom VAT included
4.5 (505 reviews)
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Preparation, boning and slicing are additional services requested by the customer after the sale is completed. We will only provide these services if the customer specifically asks for them.

"5 Jotas" is probably the Iberian shoulder best known in Spain for its quality and is mainly responsible for the exceptional fame of Pata Negra ham.

£36.45/kg VAT included
5J Cinco Jotas
100% purebred Iberian (pata negra)
Bellota Top quality: pig fed exclusively on acorns (more)
From 18 to 30 months.
Huelva, Spain
Shoulder (front leg)
Hog cuts: shoulder
Sánchez Romero Carvajal
Nutrition facts
Each 100 grams of this ham contains the following, approximately: Calories (Energy): 297 Kcal / 1236 KJ, Protein: 29,3 g, Total carbohydrate: <0,8 g, Total Fat: 19,6 g (9,74 g Saturated fat), Sodium: 2,01 g
5J shoulder cut from purebred Iberian pigs reared on the open range in Spanish woodlands on a diet of acorns during the fattening period. Processing involves cooling and cutting into a media luna ("half moon") shape, trimming off the outer fat, salting, rinsing, balancing, drying and cellar-ageing.
Shoulder cut ham from bellota-grade purebred Iberian pigs, sea salt, antioxidant E-301, acidity regulator E-331(iii) and preservative E-252. Gluten free.
Mountain-raised purebred Iberian hogs reared on the open range.
Taste note
Uniform colour with streaks of glossy marbling fat. Persistent aroma.
Outer appearance
Media luna (literally "half moon") characteristic cut, with greyish-yellow fat. Black hoof, sometimes streaked. Covered with mould that may turn black when touched.
Storing and expiry date
It depends on the format. See "Presentation".
Sales statistics
On sale since November 29, 2006.
Nº 1 in sales of 13 paletillas for purchase at IberGour.

Hams and shoulders are not packed in individual cartons. We place all the items you purchase in the smallest possible number of cartons to save on shipping costs. If you prefer having them packed in a different way, email us at indicating how many hams/shoulders you want, where you want them shipped and how you want them packed. We will calculate the additional cost of shipping according to your indications.

Preparation, boning and slicing are additional services requested by the customer after the sale is completed. We will only provide these services if the customer specifically asks for them.

We ship the whole shoulder wrapped in grease-free paper and an outside cloth wrapper, all encased in a plastic bag for maximum hygiene. When you receive it, take it out of the bag and remove all the wrapping. You can keep it hung by the string at room temperature for up to 6 months before starting it. Once cutting has started, consume it in 1-2 months.

The shoulder in its cloth casing
The shoulder in its cloth casing

We remove the rind and the bone, cutting it into as many parts as you wish, and vacuum wrap each piece separately. We leave only the edible fat (ready to slice and serve).

  • Keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Expires 6 months after delivery.
  • Once a piece is unwrapped it should be consumed within 2 weeks.
  • Bones are included for making broth and in cooking.
Vacuum boned shoulder ham, with bones
Vacuum boned shoulder ham, with bones

We slice your entire shoulder and wrap the slices in 100-gram vacuum packs, separating them with plastic strips for easier serving.

  • Keep in the refrigerator.
  • Expires 6 months after delivery.
  • Once a pack has been opened, consume it within 2-3 days.
  • Bones are included for making broth and cooking.

We can slice the shoulder by machine (+£21.01) or with a knife (+£45.01).

Sliced shoulder ham, with bones
Sliced shoulder ham, with bones

Label displayed on the Jamones 5J Cinco Jotas

The Cinco Jotas (5J) brand has become a synonym for top quality in Iberian pig products because of the combination of five essential requirements:

  • Genuine ham producer since 1879
  • Purebred Iberian pigs
  • Reared on the open range
  • Acorn-fed
  • Artisanal curing by the master ham processor

The brand sets strict quality control and organoleptic standards that make 5J products an exclusive in the marketplace, preferred by experts and lovers of fine gastronomy. Only the best cuts bear the Cinco Jotas brand, which is synonymous with the highest quality in Pata Negra hams.

Sánchez Romero Carvajal S.A. was founded in Huelva in 1879. It is one of the most prestigious companies in the sector and makes some of the most highly prized hams in the world. The quality of the end product is guaranteed by purebred Iberian pigs and the exceptional microclimate in the area around the Sierra de Huelva, together with extreme care in processing and preserving.

Sánchez Romero Carvajal has exported its products to all of Europe since 1996. Its quality assurance and environmental management methods meet the ISO 9001 and 14001 Standards and are SGS certified.

Average rating:
505 reviews
A recommanderTo recommend

Un super service client , un jambon avec beaucoup de goût, une livraison super rapide. Je laisse très rarement un avi mais je prends le temps aujourd’hui car c’est une garantie de qualité et de service.

A great customer service, a ham with a lot of taste, a super fast delivery. I very rarely leave an avi but I take the time today because it is a guarantee of quality and service.

June 9, 2022
Review translated by Google - Browse the original text in french
Massimo Massa
Cagliari, Italia
Una paletilla di ottima qualità, di una casa che rientra senz'altro tra quelle più classiche e sicureA paletilla of excellent quality, of a house that is certainly one of the most classic and safe ones

A noi piace alternare di volta in volta prosciutti o paletillas di Guijuelo (Salamanca), dell'Estremadura e di Jabugo. Tra i prodotti di quest'ultima denominazione, 5 Jotas è una delle grandi marche classiche, con le quali si va sul sicuro.
La paletilla che ci è arrivata era ottima, di grande qualità, già perfettamente stagionata e pronta da mangiare ma, se lo avessimo voluto, era in grado di reggere molti mesi ancora di maturazione. Il prezzo d'acquisto ci è sembrato assolutamente ragionevole, considerata la qualità altissima.
Anche la spedizione è stata veloce e senza nessun problema.
Insomma, ripeteremo senz'altro l'acquisto.

We like to alternate from time to time hams or paletillas from Guijuelo (Salamanca), from Extremadura and from Jabugo. Among the products of the latter denomination, 5 Jotas is one of the great classic brands, with which you are on the safe side. The paletilla that arrived was excellent, of great quality, already perfectly seasoned and ready to eat but, if we had wanted it, it was able to withstand many more months of maturation. The purchase price seemed absolutely reasonable to us, given the very high quality. Shipping was also fast and without any problems. In short, we will certainly repeat the purchase.

June 3, 2022
Review translated by Google - Browse the original text in italian
Monza, Italia
Ottima qualitàBest quality

Primo acquisto fatto su Ibergour e sicuramente non l'ultimo, prodotto 5J veramente eccezionale, successo riscosso confermato anche dalla nostra clientela.
Ottimo il servizio di disossamento del prodotto consigliato dal personale di ibergour.
Personale di Ibergour sempre pronto a dare consigli e suggerimenti sui prodotti più adatti da acquistare.
In conclusione non posso che consigliare gli acquisti sia per professionalità che qualità dei prodotti.

First purchase made on Ibergour and certainly not the last, truly exceptional 5J product, success also confirmed by our customers. The product boning service recommended by the ibergour staff is excellent. Ibergour staff always ready to give advice and suggestions on the most suitable products to buy. In conclusion, I can only recommend purchases for both professionalism and quality of the products. Well done!

March 29, 2022
Review translated by Google - Browse the original text in italian
Marta Cookman
Marta Cookman
Teddington, UK
Never disappoints

I’ve been purchasing my ham every time from Ibergour for several years and every single time the order, the delivery, the customer service and most importantly the quality of the ham is extraordinary . This time around I order this paletilla for a party and I never seen a ham lasting so little in my life. It was devoured in less than 3 hours I didn’t have time to cut it before the plate was empty again. Everyone was over the moon and couldn’t stop talking a about it. Thank you so much for your excellent service. I cannot recommend you enough.

March 28, 2022
Préférer la coupe à la mainPrefer to cut by hand

L’épaule est excellente, comme toujours. J’ai essayé toutes les présentations, voici mes conseils :
- L’épaule entière à couper soi-même. c’est moins difficile que l’on pourrait croire, à condition d’avoir les bons couteaux. Problème : comme tout le monde adore ça, vous risquez de passer la soirée à couper les tranches ! Un peu longuet quand on n’a pas l’habitude. Le jambon se garde plus ou moins 3 semaines sans rancir en l’emballant dans un linge.
- l’épaule désossée, débitée en gros morceaux : nécessite d’avoir une trancheuse chez soi. On profite moins du gras rose. Pas mon mode préféré.
- l’épaule tranchée machine et emballée sous vide par sachet de 100g. Les tranches sont un peu épaisses (environ 6 par sachet), et sont moins agréables à déguster
- l’épaule tranchée main : c’est nettement plus cher, ouille ! Mais c’est de loin la meilleure si l’on ne veut pas s’attaquer à la pièce entière.
Voilà des années que je commande chez Ibergour, et je ne remercierai jamais assez mon ami Alex qui me l’avait recommandé. Dommage qu’ils ne vendent plus de lomo, snif.

The shoulder is excellent, as always. I have tried all the presentations, here are my tips:
- The whole shoulder to be cut yourself. it's less difficult than you might think, provided you have the right knives. Problem: as everyone loves it, you risk spending the evening cutting the slices! A little long when you're not used to it. The ham will keep more or less 3 weeks without going rancid by wrapping it in a cloth.
- the boneless shoulder, cut into large pieces: you need to have a slicer at home. We take less advantage of pink fat. Not my favorite mode.
- machine-sliced shoulder and vacuum
-packed in 100g bags. The slices are a little thick (about 6 per bag), and are less pleasant to eat
- the shoulder sliced by hand: it's much more expensive, ouch! But it's by far the best if you don't want to tackle the whole piece.
I've been ordering from Ibergour for years, and I can't thank my friend Alex enough for recommending it to me. Too bad they don't sell lomo anymore, sniff.

March 27, 2022
Review translated by Google - Browse the original text in french

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We guarantee that you will love your ham from start to end, or we will pick it up for free and give you a full refund
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"Paleta" 5J Cinco Jotas (Shoulder Jamon)
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