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Cecina de León Feblame (smoked cured beef)
36.80% off on Cecina de León Feblame (smoked cured beef)
Cecina de León Feblame (smoked cured beef)

Customers' reviews

Cecina de León Feblame (smoked cured beef)
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1 stars Cecina de Leon review, February 9, 2015
Andrej Golikov (N.Ireland) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I am a big lover of spanish jamon. But my wife likes dry cured beef. So i dcided to get some of it from your shop along with jamon. Im not a big lover of dryed beef, but have a good idea of taste and smell of it. So have to say that smell was not normal to the type of meet. It smelled like dead cow stuffed with chemicals to kill that smell. And taste wasn't any better. I never bougth perticular piece of meat before, but we tryed a lot of beef when we were at Spain. So i wasnt sure if that way it should be and i called to frend of mine. He thogth also that meat smell its rotten. So whole piece went in to the bin. Jamon and sausiges was as good as it could be. So im happy with that.I dont like to complain and write long crying letters to suppliers, so i decided just not to buy that kind of stuff from yours shop any more as i suspect you will tell me it is normal for dry cured beef. But as i said earlier i have tried a few different beefs before, and there is some difference.
Sorry for my opinion, but thats the bottom line: Jamon is good, Beef not eadable.
thanks, Andrej

5 stars Cannot get enough of this when I buy it, June 6, 2014
David K (Yorkshire, UK) Has purchased this product at IberGour

It lasts about a week in our house, if that. Absolutely delicious! If you're thinking about it, don't, just buy some and treat yourself.

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