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Whole foie gras of wild iberian goose
Whole foie gras of iberian goose

Customers' reviews

Whole foie gras of iberian goose
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5 stars Simply...the best, October 18, 2012
Rogers LeClair (Paris) Has never purchased at IberGour

Once I tasted this award winning fois gras I knew I would never buy any other. The care taken is evident in the subtle herb and pepper flavours, the velvet texture, the balance....perfection. The fact that the geese are treated ethically is the cherry on top. Why would anyone else raise geese for this delicacy any other way?
Those on here who say differently, I can only assume you must be the supposed competition, or someone with a grudge, because I cannot believe it possible that anyone trying this fois gras could not agree. It's simply that amazing.

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4 stars Trust & Verify, October 23, 2010
Stanley R. (Amersham, UK) Has never purchased at IberGour

Quite a divide in opinion. Could it be that this product disagrees with the Gallic palette, or perhaps with Gallic pride? My opinion is the product is one of the better tasting though not one of the better appearing foie gras products on the market. It is foie gras as nature intended, fattened livers from geese who naturally gorge prior autumnal migrations. I hope more producers emulate Sousa's techniques.

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5 stars Better than fois gras!, October 7, 2010
Rosie B. (London / Los Angeles) Has never purchased at IberGour

To begin with, someone here insisted that these geese live on acorns. He's obviously confusing these geese with Iberco pigs! These geese live on the seeds of wild plants (including lupin, which makes the livers yellow) on the 30-acre farm. I was dubious that natural fois gras could taste as good as "the real stuff" (er, unnatural) but I was floored when I tasted this in Seville. I was expecting it to be dense and rubbery but it was as light as air and melted in my mouth like... like fois gras! But what made it even better than foie gras was that I could actually taste the herbaciousness of the plants that must have been in the seeds. Everyone who was with me agreed; it was sort of an aftertaste; peppery and sweet. It brought foie gras to a whole new dimension. I just hope other farms will follow suit.
It's really so obvious... just as you can taste the difference in the flesh of poultry raised with foods that are natural to them in a free range fashion, you can taste the difference in the livers as well.

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1 stars Fake, September 24, 2010
Phill (London) Has never purchased at IberGour

This product is a fake one. It tastes horrible. The colour is rather dark and cannot be compared with a proper foie gras.
I investigate a bit after tasting it and i found that the owner says that he feeds the geese with acorns, that actually it is impossible because it would damage the geese digestive system.
A big lie, this guy should be in jail.

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5 stars Smooth, buttery and delicious, May 26, 2009
Marck C. (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) Has purchased this product at IberGour

the iberian goose foie gras is smooth, buttery and delicious. it's natural as nature intended and we welcome the fact that it stores so well.

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5 stars Is 5 the highest? If so, then I give it a 10!, May 15, 2009
Cindy W. (Castellina in Chianti, Italia) Has purchased this product at IberGour

I am a big fan of foie gras - I have even attempted to de-vein a whole lobe and make my own terrine! I was extremely pleased with the Patería de Sousa foie gras. It had unbelievable purity in color, flavor and texture. The seasonings were perfect! It will be very hard to go back to other brands of foie - really a very special splurge.

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