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Pure Saffron threads Azafranda, 10-Grams Box

Pure Saffron threads Azafranda, 10-Grams Box

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Azafranda - Azafrán del Amanecer, S.L.
Azafrán del Amanecer, S.L.
(ISO certified for 9001 and 22000)
Transparent plastic capsule containing the saffron threads
Saffron filaments come from the flower of a plant called Crocus sativus, or saffron. It blooms for about 20 days, and during that time the growers harvest the flowers by hand from before dawn until noon. The petals are removed from each flower to extract the three stigmas (the filaments), which will be heat-dried to reduce the moisture content to the 5-6% necessary for optimum preservation. The filaments are so tiny that over 100,000 flowers are needed for a kilo of saffron, which is why it is such a costly spice.
Pure saffron threads, without preservatives or food colouring.
Saffron is one of the few spices that give color, flavor and aroma to foods, and the best saffron contains the largest amount of the compounds that impart these characteristics. These compounds are picrocrocin (flavor), crocin (color) and safranal (aroma).

Saffron All Red (Sargol) from Azafranda is classed in the Extra I Category, which is the highest quality according to the requirements of ISO standard 3632:

I Category (ISO-3632)
(highest quality)
Picrocrocin84 or more70 or more
Crocin220 or more190 or more
Safranal33 or moreBetween 20 and 50

Best kept in a cool dark place.
It will keep for a minimum of 1 year after delivery.
Taste note

The threads from Azafranda saffron are dark red and slightly cone-shaped.

It has a sweet aroma and slightly bitter taste.

Recommended Use

Spanish saffron is one of the indispensable ingredients for paella, but it is also excellent with fish, meat, casseroles, rice dishes, pasta, sauces, soups (bouillabaisse, for example) and even cakes, cookies and ice cream.

It is best to add saffron to the dish during cooking to take maximum advantage of its aromatic power. When making paella, for example, the saffron threads are crushed and added to the broth about 5 minutes before adding the broth to the rest of the ingredients.

We guarantee that you will love this product, or we will pick it up for free and give you a full refund
We guarantee that you will love this product, or we will pick it up for free and give you a full refund
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