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Joselito Lomo Embuchado
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Joselito Lomo Embuchado

4.4 stars 4.4 (based on 18 customer reviews)
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    Description of Joselito Lomo Embuchado

    Acorn Top quality: pig fed exclusively on Acorns and natural feed (more)
    Guijuelo, Salamanca
    Hog cuts: loin
    Joselito's pork loin sausage is made with a selection of the best parts of loin meat from Iberian pigs reared on the open range. Smoked in natural smokers with charcoal and wood and cured slowly in natural drying houses. Stuffed into natural casings. Minimum curing is 5 to 6 months.
    Pork loin from acorn-grade Iberian pigs, paprika, garlic and salt. GLUTEN FREE AND LACTOSE FREE.
    Iberian pigs reared on the open range.
    Taste note
    Intense, sweet aroma with nuances of paprika. Texture in a perfect combination of creaminess and juiciness.
    Outer appearance
    Cylindrical or slightly flattened with small cracks, over 45 mm in diameter and of varying length. In cross-section it is uniform, smooth, with characteristic marbling fat and rosy to red with no abnormal colouring. The flesh is uniform and smooth with no bits of muscle.
    Firm, compact consistency that yields slightly to pressure.
    Enjoying your lomo embuchado
    Remove the plastic vacuum packaging and leave at room temperature at least 1 hour before consuming.
    Keep in the fridge, or in some place under 15ºC / 59ºF. Do not freeze.
    Expiry date
    Minimum 2 months after delivery.



    Pork loin sausage ships in a cardboard carton. It is vacuum-packed (see picture).

    Lomo Joselito, vacuum-packed
    We guarantee that you will love this product, or we will pick it up for free and give you a full refund
    We guarantee that you will love this product, or we will pick it up for free and give you a full refund
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      Joselito label

      Several generations at Joselito have shared a single obsession: making the best ham in the world.

      Little has changed in processing methods since Joselito was founded in the 19th century, and the producers remain faithful to the same values of their predecessors who began the adventure:

      • Their own herd of purebred Iberian pigs
      • Extensive woodlands where the pigs live on the open range
      • The largest number of hectares possible per pig reserved for exclusive use
      • Natural curing in drying houses and cellars, where tradition and modernity coexist in perfect harmony

      Joselito has its own laboratory where a team of highly qualified specialists runs an extensive, revolutionary R&D programme designed to continue advancing in quality standards to make the best meat products in the world with 100% natural production methods.

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